Tuesday, May 21, 2013

CCTV Reading Fun

Introducing a CCTV to a young or old child can be intimidating.  Below are some games I enjoy playing with my students to help them become more comfortable with their CCTVs.

1.) Buy Memory at the store and play it under the CCTV. Have the child practice using the zoom function by exploring the small details on each card.

2.) Give them their favorite children's book and have them go on a scavenger hunt for certain pictures in the book.

3.) Print a hidden picture and let the students complete it under the CCTV.

4.) Draw different sized lines horizontally across a page one under another. At the end of each line, put a surprise.(I often use small edible items such as a goldfish or skittle.) Have the child practice using the CCTV to track each line to the surprise. Repeat this activity with vertical lines. 

5.) Have the child read jokes, complete word searches or play Mad Lips under the CCTV.

6.) Have the child color pictures with small details.

What games or activities does your child or student enjoy using with their CCTV?

Coming Soon: CCTV Distance Fun and CCTV Writing Fun


  1. Hi! I love your blog and was wondering if you've ever thought about allowing for guest posts? I thought it might be fun to write a short post for you about some work I've been doing with my son who is visually impaired trying to teach him to feed himself.

    Please feel free to email me: amber@wonderbaby.org

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  2. Hello! I apologize! I do not know how I missed this! I would love a guest post! Feel free to email me @ outofsightteaching@gmail.org